A collaboration involving King’s College London and the Technical University of Dresden has presented a proposal for a IEEE standards working group on the topic of “Tactile Internet” to be formed operating under the oversight of the IEEE ComSoc Standards Development Board (SDB). The proposal was accepted by the IEEE ComSoc SDB to progress immediately to the initiation of the standards working group.
The IEEE Standards Association has approved the formulation of the IEEE “Tactile Internet” Standards Working group (numbered IEEE 1918.1) and the start of work on the IEEE “Tactile Internet” baseline standard! Congratulations to all the Tactile Internet TSC members who have contributed to this effort.

Tactile Internet Emerging Technologies Subcommittee 


The Tactile Internet (TI) Technical Sub-committee will focus on exploring and elucidating all facets of the next generation of “Tactile Internet” technology, business and societal gaps and challenges.

Extremely low latency in combination with high availability, reliability and security will define the character of TI. It will have a marked impact on business and society, introducing numerous new opportunities for emerging technology markets and the delivery of essential public services.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c Gerhard Fettweis (Technical University Dresden, Germany) describes the tactile internet as “It is nothing less than a new level of the digital revolution”. He presented the tactile internet in various organizations, e.g., in Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, which is a center for research and industrial collaboration in Europe: http://download.steinbeis-europa.de/2013-10-29-30_CPS/29102013-cps-fettweis-vodafone.pdf or in the wireless world research forum:http://www.wwrf30.ch/tl_files/Themes/wwrf30/wwrf30_documents/Gerhard%20Fettweis%20WWRF%202013%2004%2024.pdf

The objectives of the TI Sub-committee are to facilitate the worldwide harmonization of research, pre-standardisation and best practices for deployment user scenarios of the global TI ecosystem, to design the built-in security and privacy and to explore ways the tactile technology can be realized in different segments such as in engineering, automobile, transport and logistics, health service, and public. The TI Sub-committee will target the understanding of the tactile requirements, defining system specifications to meet these requirements, and developing breakthrough technology to the identified challenges of the tactile internet.

Further objectives are the enabling of Internet protocols over the next generation of empowered devices in order to reach convergence and end to end transparency through IPv6 (For this purpose, this Technical Sub-committee will be supported by the IPv6 Forum (www.ipv6forum.org). One of the main targets is to accelerate the convergence of mobile computing and cloud computing through cloudlet-based services for a new class of tactile applications.


Participation and following up on the ETSI IP6  ISG:  https://portal.etsi.org/tb.aspx?tbid=827&SubTB=827. A work item on IPv6-based Tactile Internet has been started.


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