Upcoming Events

Mar 9-10, 2022 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Joint Communications & Sensing link
May 12, 2022 7th IEEE 5G++ Summit Dresden 2022 link

Past Events

May 5, 2021 2nd IEEE 5G++ Online Summit Dresden 2021 link
Feb 23-24, 2021 1st IEEE Int. Online Symposium on Joint Communications & Sensing link
Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2020 1st IEEE 5G++ Online Summit Dresden 2020 link
Oct 1, 2019 4th IEEE 5G Summit Dresden 2019 link, Impressions.
Sep 30 – Oct 2, 2019 2nd IEEE 5G World Forum Dresden link
Sep 25, 2018 3rd IEEE 5G Summit Dresden link, Impressions.
Sep 19-25, 2018 5G Summer School 2018 link
Jul 9-11, 2018 1st IEEE 5G World Forum Dresden
Dec 4-8, 2017 4th Globecom Workshop on URLLC link
Sept 18-22, 2017 5G Lab Summerschool on Wireless and Networks link
Sep 19, 2017 2nd IEEE 5G Summit Dresden link, Impressions.
May 15-19, 2017 European Wireless 2017, Dresden
Dec 4-8, 2016 IEEE Globecom Workshop “Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in Wireless Networks”, Washington DC, USA.
Dec 4, 2016 Eduard Jorswieck: “Energy‐Neutral System‐Level Analysis and Optimization of 5G Networks”, Tutorial, IEEE GLOBECOM 2016, Washington DC, USA.
Dec 1, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: “Der Mobilfunk und das Taktile Internet – Eine Revolution für Alle”, 24. Jahrestagung DGSM, Dresden
Nov 9, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: “5te Generation Mobilfunk: Wo Funk und Automatisierung zusammenwachsen”, Phoenix Contact Planerforum, Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany.
Sept 29, 2016 1st IEEE 5G Dresden Summit, Impressions.
Sept 21-28, 2016 5G Lab Summer School 2016
Sept 24, 2016 Frank Fitzek: “5G – ein Netz zum Anfassen”, Aachen 2025, Themenpark Kommunizieren.
Sept 20-23, 2016 Eduard Jorswieck: “Energy-Neutral System-Level Analysis and Optimization of 5G Wireless Networks”, Tutorial, ISWCS 2016, Poznan, Poland.
Sept 20-23, 2016 Eduard Jorswieck: “Energy-Neutral System-Level Analysis and Optimization of 5G Wireless Networks”, Tutorial, ISWCS 2016, Poznan, Poland.
Sept 20, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: Panelist “Edge Computing as a Key Enabler for 5G”, Mobile Edge Computing Conference, Munich, Germany.
Sept 14, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: Keynote on “5G and the future of IoT”, ESSCIRC 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Sept 13, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: “Physical Layer Challenges When Designing the Tactile Internet”, 2016 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications (TIW16), Livorno, Italy.
Sept 12, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: “5G: Revolution im Mobilfunk durch das Taktile Internet”, GDNÄ-Versammlung, Greifswald, Germany.
June 10, 2016 49. Treffen der VDE/ITG-Fachgruppe 5.2.4 in Dresden
May 27, 2016 Frank Fitzek, Muriel Medard: Tutorial “Network Coding: From Theory to Practice,” IEEE ICC 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
May 10-13, 2016 Frank Fitzek: Keynote “5G enabling the Tactile Internet”, MMSYS 2016, Klagenfurt, Österreich.
Apr 22, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis, Speaker and Panelist @ Brooklyn 5G Summit 2016.
Apr 3-6, 2016 Gerhard Fettweis: Keynote “Resilient Wireless Communications – A Frontier to Be Challenged,” IEEE WCNC 2016, Doha, Qatar.
Dec 6-10, 2015 Gerhard Fettweis, Meryem Simsek, Frank Fitzek: “5G Tactile Internet: Application, Challenges and First Solutions”,
Tutorial @ IEEE Globecom 2015, San Diego, USA.
Nov 16, 2015 Gerhard Fettweis, Keynote, IEEE 5G Silicon Valley Summit, Google, Mountain View, CA.
Nov 4-6, 2015 Frank Fitzek: Keynote on 5G, Design and Application of Random Network Codes (DARNEC’15) conference,
COST Action IC1104, Istanbul, Turkey
Sept 16-25, 2015 5G Lab Germany Research Festival 2015 including
– Industry Day (formerly known as IPP),
– Academic Interaction Day,
– Summerschool on Wireless and Networks,
– Industry Advisory Board Meeting and
– 5G Party.
Aug 29, 2015 Georg Püschel, Ronny Kaiser: Präsentation Nao Roboter, Tag der offenen Tür des BMVI
Jul 1, 2015 Frank Fitzek: “Netzwerkkodierung für zukünftige Kommunikationssysteme (Antrittsvorlesung)”,
589. Elektrotechnisches Kolloquium, TU Dresden
June 12, 2015 Muriel Medard (MIT, USA), Frank Fitzek: “Network Coding: From Theory to Practice”: Tutorial T-12, ICC, London, UK
June 12, 2015 Eduard Jorswieck: “The Path Towards 5G – Essential Technologies, Protocols and Tools for Enabling 5G
Mobile Communications”, Tutorial T-16 @ IEEE ICC, London, UK-
June 8, 2015 “7th IEEE Workshop on Cooperative and Cognitive Mobile Networks”, Workshop @ IEEE ICC, London, UK.
June 8, 2015 “First IEEE International Workshop on 5G & Beyond – Enabling Technologies and Application”, Workshop @ IEEE ICC 2015, London, UK.
May 12, 2015 “5G requirements & frequencies: avoiding the valley of death”, Johannesberg Summit, Stockholm, Sweden
May 11, 2015 Eduard Jorswieck: “T5: The Path Towards 5G—Essential
Technologies, Protocols and Tools for Enabling
5G Mobile Communications”
, Tutorial @ VTC Spring 2015, Glasgow, UK.
Apr 9, 2015 “5G Tactile Internet: mm-Waves versus cm-Waves”, Brooklyn Summit, New York, USA
Mar 26, 2015 Frank Fitzek: “Latest Advancements and Use Cases for Network Coding”, IETF 92 Meeting, Dallas, USA
Mar 24-25, 2015 NGMN Industry Conference and Exhibition 2015, Frankfurt, Germany
Mar 19, 2015 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet Enabled by 5G”, SE+SWM 2015, Dresden, Germany
Mar 17, 2015 Industry Advisory Board Spring Meeting of the 5G Lab Germany, CeBit,
Feb 26, 2015 Frank Fitzek: “Holistic View on 5G”, IT Gipfel: Fokusgruppe 5G, Berlin, Germany
Feb 24, 2015 Frank Fitzek: “Agile Cloud Supporting the Tactile Internet”, iJoin Winterschool, Bremen, Germany
Feb 23, 2015 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet Enabled by 5G – And Its Major Impact on Semiconductors”, ISS Europe 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 10, 2015 Rico Radeke: “5th Generation of mobile communication and tactile internet”, ITU-T, Geneva, Switzerland
Feb 10, 2015 Rico Radeke: “5th Generation of mobile communication and tactile internet”, IEC Standardization Management Board Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland
Feb 5, 2015 Gerhard Fettweis: “A 5G Physical Layer Framework Based on GFDM”, Keynote, SCC’15, Hamburg, Germany
Jan 13, 2015 General Assembly – 5G Lab Germany
Dec 12, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Charging-up the Data Rate with Turbo Cells workshop BWA (Broadband Wireless Access)”, GLOBECOM 2014, Austin, USA
Dec 11, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Research Challenges and Key Technologies for 5G”, Industry panel on 5G System Design, Globecom, Austin, USA
Dec 8, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: Keynote speech at 5GNOW Workshop Globecom 2014, Austin, USA
Dec 4, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Mobile opportunities: 5G real time connectivity and its implication for professions of the future”, Summit Digitising Europe – Opportunities for the Next Generation, Berlin, Germany
Dec 1, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “5G and its Impact on Electronics”, EPFL-Symposium on Emerging Trends in Electronics 2014, Montreux, Switzerland
Nov 24, 2014 5G Lab Germany SilSax Jahres-Hauptversammlung, Dresden
Nov 9, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “5G Cellular: The Tactile Internet will change the planet”, IIT 2014, Al Ain, UAE
Nov 7, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet – How Researchers Can Create Game Changers” CRTD graduation day 2014, Dresden, Germany
Nov 5, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “5G Wireless Silicon Systems”, IPSoC 2014, Grenoble, France
Oct 14, 2014 Frank Fitzek: “Digital Things – A lecture series on how Technology transforms society, politics and our lives”, Vodafone Institue, Berlin, Germany (Video1, Video2)
Sept 24, 2014 Grand Opening of the 5G Lab Germany

Gerhard Fettweis: “5G Lab Germany: Vision, Challenges and Mission”
Ercan Altinsoy: “Tactile Internet Applications”
Frank Fitzek: “Wireless and Networks”
Christof Fetzer: “Mobile Edge Cloud”
Dirk Plettemeier: “Silicon Systems”

Sept 12, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing – A Pathway for Realizing the 5th Generation Tactile Internet Cellular System”, Kolloquium, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany
Sept 3, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “5G what will it be? – The Tactile Internet!”, Cadence Inc., San Jose, USA
Sept 2, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Opportunities of the Tactile Internet – And A Challenge”, FPL2014, Munich, Germany
Aug 28, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Designing A Possible 5G Framework With GFDM”, ISWCS, Barcelona, Spain
Aug 6, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet – The 5G Revolution Ahead”, National Instruments Week, Austin, USA
Jul 18, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet – The 5G Research Challenge”, cfaed Seminar Series, Dresden, Germany
Jun 25, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Das Taktile Internet – Eine Chance für Deutschland und Europa“, 19. Magdeburger Logistiktagung – Sichere und nachhaltige Logistik, Magdeburg, Germany
Jun 17, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Hypercube of 5G Opportunities”, Ericsson Innovation Days, Herzogenrath, Germany
Jun 14, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Hypercube of 5G Opportunities – And Some Approaches”,
Keynote IEEE International Workshop on 5G Technologies, co-located with ICC 2014, Sydney, Australia
Jun 4, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The 5D Hypercube of 5G Opportunities”, NGMN Forum, Bonn, Germany
May 22, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The 6 main challenges addressed by the Dresden 5G Lab”, Workshop at Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
May 21, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Hypercube of Challenges for Making the 5G Tactile Internet Happen”, SKKU, VTC Spring 2014, Seoul, South Korea
Mar 12, 2014 Frank Fitzek: “Network Coding for Future Communication and Storage Systems“, Johannesberg Summit, Aalborg, Denmark
Apr 10, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet – Applications, Challenges, and Market Positioning”, Alcatel-Lucent Kolloquium, Stuttgart, Germany
Apr 2, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The 5D Hypercube of 5G Requirements”, IWPC2014, Oxford, UK
Mar 12, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “New Results on GFDM for the 5G Tactile Internet”, WSA 2014, Erlangen, Germany
Mar 2, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “Designing the physical Layer of 5G Cellular for Enabling The Tactile Internet”, NCC2014, Kanpur, India
Feb 12, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “5G – Making the Tactile Internet Come True”, Xilinx Emerging Technology Symposium, San Jose, USA
Jan 16, 2014 Gerhard Fettweis: “The Tactile Internet”, MAKI Distinguished Lecture Series at TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

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