The 5G Lab Germany is located in Dresden, Germany


Existing institutions and programs form a powerful foundation for 5G development


Technische Universität Dresden

  • Among Top 3 Universities in Engineering in Germany
  • One of eleven German Universities of Excellence
  • Full-status university
  • 37’000+ students
  • 7’500 employees

Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden

  • Cluster of excellence
  • 5+ years concept
  • New materials beyond CMOS
  • Profound expertise in electronics
  • 60+ investigators and teams

CRC 912: Highly-Adaptive Energy-Efficient Computing

  • Collaborative Research Center
  • 12 year project
  • 16 investigators and teams

Dresden Concept

  • Synergies Initiative
  • Regional cooperation between academia, industry, education, culture, and administration
  • 22 parterns


  • 5G specification framework
  • Federal project
  • (East) German cooperation between academia and industry
  • 40+ partners

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